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Horrible business practices.


If there were the ability to give this company less than a 1 then they would get it. I will never order from them again after my experience trying to order a phone for work.. The selection seemed good at first. They have a lot of different products listed on the website. However the prices are a little high. After placing my order, it took WEEKS for me to get it. When I got it, it wasn't even what I had ordered. It took another week to get a hold of someone in customer service and then another thirty days before I was refunded. They just don't seem to care at all about the customer, and trying to get money refunded is a pain. It's not worth your time or money to take a chance with them, stay far away. Customer Service Customer service took forever to get a hold of. One of the numbers I had to contact them was constantly busy. They didn't answer phone calls or return emails for over a week! Shipping and Returns They didn't even ship me the right item. And then tried to get me to pay for shipping when I returned it.



Don't buy from 101 phones


I bought a refurbished extra handset for my phone system because I didn't want to buy a whole new system. BIG MISTAKE! The handset they sent me doesn't work. I cannot get a refund and they want me to pay for shipping to send back the defective one so they can check it out and maybe send me a replacement. I went to hhgregg and got a brand new phone for half the price. It doesn't work with my system but it works!! Next time I will do my research before I order. Don't be fooled by the buySAFE guarantee. It only guarantees their return policy which stinks.

Saint Petersburg, FL


101phones.com: The Selection is Good, but the Prices are Not


  Shopping for electronics products on the internet presents many options with a good number of general electronics retailers to choose from. But sometimes it is nice to find a more specific web service- one that primarily sells a single product- in order to have a greater selection and hopefully better prices. One web site that specializes in one type of electronics product is **101phones.com**, an on- line retailer for buying phones. **Web Site Commentary:** 101phones.com is a web site I discovered when shopping for business phones and it appears to be a good resource for finding phones that may not be available in general electronics web sites. 101phones.com offers well- respected brands like Panasonic, Motorola, Uniden, V-Tech, General Electric, Sony, Siemans, and more. And it offers products like special needs phones, novelty phones, designer phones, and devices that play hold music when someone is on hold- four product categories that you don't find in many on- line electronics stores. 101phones.com does have a nice selection and this is the site's greatest asset. Not only is there a good selection of phones, there is also a good selection of phone accessories and related products. If you're in the market for a home phone or set of phones for a business, 101phones.com has a product to suit your needs. This web service offers only a couple of basic ways to search for phones or phone accessories. Most searches begin by selecting a category from the left side of the home page. Then, a list of brand names will display and the consumer can select from the list. Once a brand is selected, customers can choose among the different types of phones (or type of accessory, if a narrower category exists). But once you get your results, there is nothing else you can do to sort the products. Narrowing your sort down to a specific phone type (like, say, 2.4 GHz phones that are expandable to more handsets) after selecting a brand is all you can do. Also, the general search function can take some time depending on what you are searching for. Other pages seem to load with ease but using the search box seems to cause problems. Also, if you search using too many key words, the site will be unable to handle the search. It will respond with "The product you have requested is unavailable at this time" even though many products exist that fit what you were looking for. I like the selection in this site but oddly enough, there is no section for cell phones and conducting a general search for cell phones results in only a couple of products. I find it interesting that a company that prides itself in offering such a wide selection of phones would choose to ignore wireless technology. I'm sure 101phones.com has its reasons but the management team should strongly consider adding cell phones in the future. Prices at 101phones.com are generally average to above average and it is common to find phones priced much higher than those at other web sites. You really have to do your homework before making a purchase. I have found some good deals in the "Hot Deals" section on new phones but beyond that, the prices are unpredictable. Some phones are priced 20 to 40 percent higher than the same phone at a general retailer. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Overall, 101phones.com is a site worth an occasional look but it doesn't have enough positive qualities to recommend. The selection is good and the base shipping is free of charge. But the prices are higher than those in most other web sites and the search/sort features are the pits. Product information is good but without low prices and easy ways to sort data and make comparisons between phones, 101phones.com isn't worth your time.

Houston, TX


My previous purchase was my last purchase


I bought a Serene Innovation TV-100 Amplified TV Listener, whcih didn't work, so I sent it back as they instruct. When I finally got my refund after 30 days, they took the usual "restocking fee", but they also charged me for the free shipping for returning the defective item, too. That is NOT stated in their return policy. The guy on the phone was a jerk. So I filed a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs in New York. They are very good, but require a lot of documentation. I also had to file a complaint with my credit card company (covered all of the bases). Long story short, a few weeks later I received ALL of my money back, which I was not expecting. I am not sure what did the trick. I would NOT do business with 101phones again!

Lake Forest, CA


101phones sucks


Our company recently ordered 40 company phones included headsets. After, a week we did not received not one email or phone call regarding the reason our ordered had not shipped. When I called the rep stated he was sorry for any inconviences that they were not aware of the order was placed but not processed. However, after that they promised we would receive our order in 2 business days on the 3rd business I called/spk with the same rep and he stated that their has been another delay in shipping that they were just sitting in the warehouse basically. WITH NO EXPLANATION OF WHY???????? This company is very unprofessional well training of CSR'S SEEMS TO HAVE NEVER HAPPENED!

Meridian, MS



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