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Vigoro Landscape Fabric

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Vigoro Lanscape Fabric has it covered!


I wanted to avoid having weeds or errant plants come up under my new deck, so I put down the Vigoro Landscape fabric and covered it with a little stone. Not a weed in sight! I had some left over and it works well in the flower bed around the ornamentals and desirable plants as well. It is easy to cut but it isn't stiff or awkward to use like some other fabrics I have tried. It also doesn't deteriorate like other types I have used. I like that it does have a good mesh so that water passes through but it doesn't allow for growth underneath. About the only complaint is that it comes in large rolls and the dimensions don't always seem to work out for projects, so I either am just a little short or I end up with almost a full roll left over. But I constantly find other uses for the stuff, so it isn't a major drawback.

West Chester, PA


Vigoro Landscape Fabric

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