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Troy-Bilt 12 Amp Leaf Blower/Vac Model #

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Troy-bilt Leaf Blower Vac...Very Poorly Designed


I recently had the unfortunate experience of owning the Troy-Bilt Leaf Blower Vac Model # TB197BV.  It was not a very good purchase.  I ended up having to take it back because it broke after the first couple of used.  First let me say this: **the mulch breakdown is as good as advertised. **The leaves exit into the bag in very small pieces. However...who designed this thing? What a tragedy to take such a good mulching system and surround it with a terrible design. Here are my complaints: 1. The variable speed is nice, but the switch was a little difficult to get to and maneuver. This is not really something you notice until you need to turn if off in a hurry. 2. The attachments are very difficult to take on and off. This is especially true of the vac tube. My 36 year old husband (of average strength) even had a VERY difficult time getting the vac tube on and off. If you do not have it on completely and tightly, the motor will keep cutting in and out because the tube won't make good contact with the safety switch. You have to twist until it makes a final snap that lets you know it is finally secure. However, I am quite certain that there are many people who could never get that final snap to happen because it takes a lot of strength.  I would (36 year old average female) not be able to do it. And by the way - removing the tube is just as difficult. 3. The nose of the vac tube is positioned wrong. In order to get the vac to function at it best, you have to turn it in a somewhat awkward position. A little bit of attention by the designers could have prevented this. 4. I am a little bit concerned about the bag life because there is no reinforcements lining where the debris enters the bag. Because debris tends to rub against the bag at this entry point, it is likely to soon wear a hole in that location (I know this because I have had this problem with another brand in the past). Until the attachment piece actually broke after the 2nd use, we were torn as to return this product or not.  It does have an excellent mulch ration.  Since mulch ratio was important to us, we were going to just deal with the shortfalls. However, if mulch ratio isn't important to you, then stay away from this poorly designed product

Stillwater, OK


Troy-Bilt 12 Amp Leaf Blower/Vac Model #

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