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Alfalfa, Rose Hips
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Traditional Medicinals Organic Pregnancy Tea

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Doesn't work


definitely an aquired taste. I eventually learned to tolerate the taste to finish out the box, but I didn't see any benefits or reason to re-purchase.



Pregnancy tea - a wise investment


I fully support Traditional Medicinals products and have used several of them over the years. When I was pregnant last year (with my second child), I drank this tea quite often. I drank loose leaf Red Raspberry tea daily and used this tea sometimes as well. I found this tea to have a delicious taste. I appreciate that this company makes products such as this one available. I did feel that this tea was somewhat expensive, but felt like it was worth it for the health benefits. My labor with this second child was much easier and quicker than my first, and I do attribute that to more holistic prenatal care I received this time around - and this tea was a part of that.

Grand Rapids, MI


Traditional Medicinals Organic Pregnancy Tea

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