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Scientific Calculator
Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments - TI-36 X Solar Scientific Calculator

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The TI-36X is my favorite calculator.


Recently, I was hired to be a part-time tutor at my local learning center. Nevertheless, my spouse bought this calculator online for me because the one I had was out of batteries. I must say that I love knowing that I never will have to change the battery because it is solar powered! Awesome! I think this calculator is quite easy to use. I tutor algebra two and it can find a large number's logs and do exponents easily. I never have to struggle with this calculator; the buttons are easy to press and the display is very cear and easy to see. I also like how this calculator comes with a "help" sheet attached to the lid. It shows you how to enter in various functions. My old calcuator did not have this! But, I have to say that I dislike how this calculator does not have 2 rows of display, so you can not see what you plugged in, which can cause some problems if you enter in numbers too quickly. Be careful!

San Jose, CA


Very resistant


I love this calculator. Its compact, easy to use and very very durable. It has the basics for you to survive and more. Nice device specially for people who work in outdoor jobs where exposure could damage these type of devices. You can wet it, drop it, sit on it.. you name it and still it will work. Excellent for construction workers.

Miami, FL


Has a lot of functionality with its 2nd and 3rd keys!


I love this calculator.  It has both 2nd and 3rd keys which means it has a lot of functions.  It allows conversion between cm and inches, liters and gallons, C and F and has lots of constants stored in it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a scientific level calculator. 

Havertown, PA


Texas Instruments - TI-36 X Solar Scientific Calculator

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