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iPod Skin
Speck - iPod Touch 2 Pixel Skin

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Speck Products Pixel Skin


I got this case when I first got my iPod back in '10. It worked perfectly and I loved the color. It last a good 3 years before it started to break off, however I think that it just from rough handling. Very good product. My one complaint is that it does seem to hinder the audio when headphones are not plugged in. Removal of the case seems to amplify the sound for some reason. I thought I was not going to like the feeling of the texture on the case but it turned out to be more comfortable than holding a smooth case, which I have on one of my other iPods. Sound Quality When using the audio without headphones plugged in, the sound seems to be slightly muted. This can be solved by removing the case.



Speck - iPod Touch 2 Pixel Skin

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