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Sony - Handycam DCR-SR62 Flash Media Camcorder

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this product by far is the most impressive of any i've used.


In the two weeks I've used this product I have fallen in love.  To my great surprise it was touch screen.  I loved that simply because I am a Treo 750 owner.  The pictures I took of a little boy fishing were fantastic because the camera mode caught the shimmers off of the water surrounding him.  The nature shots were clear and clean up close and far away.  Battery life was impressive.  I shot pictures and video all day without once having to change the battery.  The weight of the cam is barely noticeable.  And what a joy to not have to fumble with a cassette or disc.  Though I do wish the LCD was a little larger.  But when all the other features are taken into account; the 30GB memory, the hard disk drive , the memory card slot I can live with it.  I would definitely suggest this product to a friend. 

Orlando, FL


Our first camcord, this one is fantastic! Good job Sony!


Amazingly, this is the first camcorder I ever purchased.  I've always had a nice camera to record those special moment, but, never a camcorder.  Part of the reason was they always seemed so expensive and I just never wanted to deal with all the different tape formats they've used over the years. This camcorder has a built in 30gb HD and you can add a memory stick too.  It fits perfectly in my hand and is very easy to use.  As an added bonus, it has touch screen controls on the LCD.  I love this unit and I love the fact I never have to change out any media.  I can just plug it into my computer and easily transfer the movies to the computer or make a DVD from them. It is kind of pricey, but, it's finally the type of camcorder I can get excited about.  This is an older model for Sony, so, do your bargain shopping and you'll find ways to get this at a great price.  I got mine at a live auction for under half of retail, brand new, still in the box, so, it can be done.

Bartlesville, OK


Sony - Handycam DCR-SR62 Flash Media Camcorder

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