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ProForm GT95x Recumbent Bike

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A great way to exercise


I love biking, but sometimes it's just too much of a hassel to get outside, or the weather just isn't right. I stay in shap with this stationary bike, and use it when it's more convenient. It's really a great way to keep the muscels I'd normally engage biking up to shape and strong. It's also very relaxing. Sometimes I watch movies on my iPod and forget I'm even working out. I was watching a particularly enthralling movie and ended up finishing it without really realizing that I had been biking all the while. When I stopped to look at the workout summary, I had burnt hundreds of calories! No problem with me. In this way the bike is convenient, relaxing, and great for your health. I've managed to lose a fair amount of weight and enjoy the convenience of a stationary bike for the times when I can't manage to actually hit the road on my real bike. Even for non-bikers, I'd recommend the bike.

Baltimore, MD


The Proform GT95X Recumbent Bike is versatile.


The Proform GT95X Recumbent bike has 6 crosstrainer and 4 preset programsInclude 2 upper, 2 lower and 2 total so you can choose the course that's best for you. However, I prefer to use the manual mode as the resistance levels past level 2 are very difficult for me. The bike comes with two 2-pound hand weights that you can use for the upper body training. There is a place on the frame to store the weights. The seat is adjustable forward and backward and it also can become a flat incline bench. By placing your hands on the handlebars on the side of the display, you can check your heart rate so you can tell when you've reached your target range. There is a backlit LCD that lets you visually track your workout progress. However, I think the screen is too bright and I end up covering it up.  The fan Keeps you cool.    

Pembroke Pines, FL


ProForm GT95x Recumbent Bike

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