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ProForm XP 400R Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Great exercise bike!


I really love this bike! I usually do jazzercise (aerobics/dance type exercise), but I went to visit my parents a few weeks ago and I forgot my exercise DVD. SO, my mom had this exercise bike and I just thought "well, it's better than not exercising." When I tried it, I totally loved it. I was on it for about 45 mins everyday for the whole week I was visiting my parents. Every time I got off of it, I felt like I had been exercising a lot!  Now that I am back home, I am looking for one to buy. The only thing I didn't like about this bike is that I couldn't work my arms. But that's just my preference. I really did like the bike though and I most definitely felt like I got a good workout every time I was on it. You also have to make sure that it's adjusted exactly to your body. When I first got on it, it felt really akward. But once I played with it a little, adjusting it to me, it was perfect! I would definitely recommend this bike if you are wanting to get a good exercise and want to strengthen your legs! 

New Kensington, PA


Proform XP 400R Recumbent Exercise Bicycle is a quality bike


Proform XP 400R Recumbent Exercise Bicycle was a good investment at a reasonable price.  It is both comfortable and easy to use for a reasonable work out.  My only complaint is that it is battery operated, so it is an added charge to purchase an adapter.  The assembly does not require much time.  It helps add valuable exercise opportunities in the home.

Inman, SC


The Proform XP 400R Recumbent Exercise bike suits my needs.


The XP400R Proform Recumbent exercise bike is a piece of exercise equipment that suits my needs. At this point and time I have chronic back pain. I Have tried everything to improve my pain, but nothing seems to help. Before my back situation, I did alot of aerobic exercise for health and weight loss. I needed equipment that would have no impact on my back. I am happy to say that this does give me a good cardio workout with ease. It is light, so I can move it around a bit. I can watch T.V.  while I ride the bike. It has adequate resistance button, so I can turn up the tension.  I would also like to mention that the seat is wide and comfortable. The back of the seat is :straight up" so uou are not sreuggling. It is comfortable and is blue and black durable vinyl with sensors. I am able to us a cloth to wipe it down. The handles are easy to grip and are straight.  The peddles are in a comfortable position, so you can just slip your foot into it ,also bound with a strap. I am very pleased with this product.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


You may night get the wind in your hair, but it does it's job.


I love my exercise bike. I can watch TV. I can read a book, I can even ride my bike and chew gum at the same time. I do enjoy going bike riding outdoors, like at the beach. But, now I can just dream of vacationing while riding at home. It's a lot healthier too, you don't have to worry about being run over. I like that you can set it in different speeds and ramps. It was an excellent purchase.

Dover, PA


My Pro-Form XP400r bike's resistance is to hard.


My Pro-form XP 400r bike's resistance is too hard for me to use.  I have read the instruction manual and have it set down to 1, but it is still to hard for me to use.  Does anyojne have a suggestion for me?

Stillwater, OK


The XP 400 R Bike is the most comfortable bike I have ever used


   Pro-Form XP 400 R Bike Exerciser has many nice features including calorie goal work outs, ifit trainer workouts, and pulse sensor just to name a few. The Pro-Form XP 400 R Bike Exerciser has the most comfortable seat of any exercise bike that I have sat on. I have been on other bikes where the seat is uncomfortable and then I wouldn't ever use that bike again.  This is one bike that I will continue to use. This bike is more comfortable than the ones at our local gym and it has more features. Plus by having this one at home I will be able to use it more and save on paying anything toward a gym membership and also save the cost of gas it would take to drive into town. Also I can use it whenever I want, not just when the gym is open. 

Newport, PA


Nice bike, but a little expensive


I purchased this recumbent bike prior to having back surgery. I thought it would be a comfortable form of exercise after surgery because the seat is low and has a straight back for support. The reason I did not give 5 stars is because of the assembly and a broken piece. Although the instructions are relatively easy to understand, the assembly took a little while. I was doing the assembly be myself, and I would recommend having some help. There are parts that are very difficult to put together alone. There was also about a 2 inch corner of one plastic piece near the cup holder that was broke off when I opened it. Because it didn't interfere with the operation of the bike and because I had the assembly almost complete, I didn't try to have it replaced. The bike itself is very nice, runs smoothly, and has many options for programming your workout. It does run with batteries so if you don't want to replace them often, you will have to purchase the power cord separately.

Glasford, IL


ProForm XP 400R Recumbent Exercise Bike

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