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Oxford Creek
Oxford Creek Convertible Futon Soft Beige Faux Leather


Convertible Mini Futon in Soft Beige Faux Leather

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Okay for upright use


I purchased the Oxford Creek Convertible Futon to fill space in a empty room and I find it to be adequate in my limited use. Upon first inspection I wasn't a big fan of the Faux Leather because it felt a little stiff, but over time after regular use the material broke in nicely. It's definitely not genuine leather, but it feels extremely soft now and has withstood some harsh objects without tearing. The cushion/padding on this futon is a little on the light side, but it provides enough comfort for long periods of sitting without feeling the frame. When I tried sleeping on the futon I found it not to be a pleasant experience. I felt okay when I slept on the divided portions, but I did experienced noticeable sinkage that caused me to gravitate to the center of the futon. Once I rolled to the center of the futon I felt the frame in my back. I tried to ignore it, but after a couple of minutes it became unbearable. Despite its uncomfortable bed setting I would still recommend the Oxford Creek Convertible Futon because it provides a decent sitting experience for several people in a limited amount of space.

Westchester, IL


Oxford Creek Futon-Cheap as the Price!


The futon mattress became flattened out after a few nights of sleeping on it. The fake leather was soft, yet it cracked even though I was careful to use the type of cleaner the instructions indicated. The fake wood stripping at the bottom began to peel up. I tried to re-glue it down, but was unable to. I would not waste my money on this brand of furniture again, even though it was very inexpensive.

Carlsbad, NM


Oxford Creek Convertible Futon Soft Beige Faux Leather

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