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Nature's Plus
Nature's Plus Animal Parade Chewable Tablet Vitamins

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This is the Vitamin that your kids should be taking daily.


I am so happy that someone recommended this brand of vitamin for my kids. We are gluten free and attempting to go with the healthiest nutrition options. We avoid processed food and try to get organic when we can. I feel a lot better about my kids having a "natural" vitamin alternative. There is a variety of flavors from which to choose. I think the combo bottle is cherry-orange-grape, but my kids prefer the grape. They look forward to vitamin time every day. The daily dose is two, and while that isn't as preferred to me as a one-a-day vitamin, my kids are happy because they are a good size to swallow and they get what they think is "more"! The kids also love that the vitamin shapes are animals (thus the name Animal Parade) and each kid has a favorite. This bottle comes with lions, hippopotamuses, elephants, and tigers. Another downside is that this brand can be pricey, but if you buy them in bulk when they go on sale at a store like vitamins.com then you can get them for a good price.



Nature's Plus Animal Parade Chewable Tablet Vitamins

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