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Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader

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The Fingerprint Reader Doesn't Always Work


When it comes to computers and technology, I am the opposite of an early adopter.  I'm more of a late bloomer.  It's not that I'm resistant to all of the wonderful things that technology can accomplish; rather, I'm resistant to being a guinea pig who is stuck with all the glitches.  For example, I tried upgrading to Windows Vista only to have to downgrade back to XP because it was so buggy.  My tech savvy  husband convinced me that I ought to give the **Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader** a try.  So I did, but with mixed results. The multimedia keyboard is, at first glance, very similar to keyboards I've previously used.  The biggest difference is that on the left-hand side you'll notice a bright red oval with a mysterious glow.  That is the fingerprint reader where you place your finger to access your stored password.  In addition to the fingerprint reader, there are also keys to launch frequently used Windows programs (My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, etc.) although I admit that I don't use them much.  I do tend to use the control keys for the Microsoft Media Player when I want to play, pause, stop, move to a new selection, or mute the music entirely. Back to the Fingerprint Reader.  To get started, my dear hubby set up the software with the enclosed CD.  I then went through a series of prompts to store my fingerprint for later access.  Basically, I scanned each index finger three times so that the keyboard can identify me.  The goal is to make it easier to access a password protected website by having the keyboard store all of the passwords, but only enter them on the website page when it has identified me.  This keeps my web browsing speeding along, yet my passwords safe from security breaches. I went to one of my favorite websites that requires both a User ID and a Password.  The fingerprint reader popped up a little dialog box because it automatically recognized that this is a website where I can use the fingerprint reader.  Following the easy instructions, I placed my finger on the reader and registered my information on the site.  Thereafter, I was able to log into my account with just a touch of my index finger.  I spent a little time one afternoon going to all of the sites where I have accounts, and registering my fingerprint and log-on information. Everything worked well for a few months and then, inexplicably, the software started to malfunction.  Now when I go to a website where I've already registered my fingerprint, the software may or may not remember me.  Other times I'll get the prompt to touch the fingerprint pad but for whatever reason nothing registers.  Instead of the "green checkmark" that lets me move forward, I've been getting a "yellow question mark" which basically means that it has no idea who I am.  Usually, I end up getting frustrated and just typing everything in the old-fashioned way.  I've attempted to re-register my fingerprint and associated websites, but end up with the same results. Nothing happens. Overall, I thought that this would be a great timesaver.  When it worked properly, it actually was.  However in the short time that I've had the fingerprint reader, it now rarely operates correctly and the letters on the keyboard are actually beginning to fade away.  In the past couple of days the number pad has been a little glitchy as well.  I'm disappointed because if the **Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader** lived up to its potential, I would probably be singing its praises instead of advising caution.

Chicagoland, IL


Great Keyboard/Mouse Combo - Worth the Money


I got this package simply because I work in an environment where I tend to have a lot of sensitive stuff on my computer.  And for me the idea of a fingerprint seemed a lot easier than changing and remembering new passwords every few weeks. The keyboard works great.  I have no complaints.  My only problem with this combo is that the mouse tends to go through batteries quite often, but that may be a defect in my mouse.  Definitely a good buy.

Lexington, KY


Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader

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