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Lucerne Whipped Cream Extra Creamy

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Always good!


After my wife and I rediscovered Reddi Wip whipped cream in a can we decided to give Lucerne's extra creamy whipped cream in a can a try also. Because let's face it. Reddi Wip is an expensive brand and Lucerne gives you a 14 ounze size aeresol can as opposed to the smaller seven ounce can by Reddi Wip. We use whipped cream from a can on our bowls of vanilla ice cream (i know, we sound boring). It's fun and I don't know why we didn't do this sooner. We tried Lucerne and you really can't tell the difference all that much from the Reddi Wip. Not that Lucerne is better but when you're eating cold, delicious vanilla ice cream you're not really thinking of taste comparison. You're really mainly interested in whipped cream that tastes good. And this stuff by Lucerne certainly fits the bill. Currently our local grocery store has a great sale on Lucerne. Buy one can of Lucerne extra creamy whipped cream in a can and get a second can (fourteen ounces each) free. Give it a try next time you're looking for whipped cream in an aeresol can. I highly recommend it!

Los Angeles, CA


Lucerne Whipped Cream Extra Creamy

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