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Four Paws
Four Paws Safety Seat Support Harness

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Could be sturdier


I purchased this harness for my dog after he jumped out of a moving car. Thankfully he wasn't injured, but it scared me badly enough that I began having him ride up front, with me, and buckled in with this harness. It's a lot like a regular harness that you would use to walk a dog, though I usually only see larger harnesses like this on smaller dogs. The major difference is that the Four Paws Safety Seat Support Harness has a loop that a seat belt can be pulled through. When the set belt is through the loop and than buckled it makes the dog sit fairly still in the seat. My dog could still put his nose up to the window, but he could no longer try to jump out. I also liked that it was nicely padded. At first I was very happy with this purchase. Unfortunately, after less than six months the harness came apart. It was unusable at that point. I contacted the company because I didn't feel as if their product should have come apart that quickly. Their response was that it was too old for them to replace. I guess this is not meant to last six months.

Southfield, MI


Keeps my malamute safe and comfortable in the car


This harness has a large, fleece lined panel across the chest which provides my Alaskan Malamute dog good support while in the car. The large surface area would also be good in case of an accident because the pressure would be spread over a large area. This harness has two strong plastic buckles, which makes it very easy to put onto the dog (many harnesses only have one buckle so you have to put your dog's leg through a hole... not always that easy with an excited dog wanting to go for a ride in the car). This one is very straight forward. You just slip it over their neck and then buckle both sides. It takes less than 15 seconds. It is also super easy to hook into the car. Simply thread the seatbelt through the back straps. Additionally, there is a medal ring on the back to connect the leash to for quick breaks to stretch doggie's legs and use the toilet. The straps are all adjustable. The medium fit my Malamute puppy until around 6 or 7 months (55-60 lbs). Then I had to upgrade to the large which still fits him with room to spare at 90lbs. My dog seems find this harness quite comfortable. I highly recommend this product to all dog owners. It is brilliant.

San Antonio, TX


Four Paws Safety Seat Support Harness

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