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Diehard Automotive Battery - Group Size 78 North (Price with Exchange)


The DieHard Size 78 Gives You Great Starting Confidence

Get the DieHard North Group Size 78 battery for starting power that is up to your tough climate. This reliable battery offers you 695 Cold Cranking Amps, to always get you started in the coldest conditions. It is also maintenance free, so you never have to top up the water in normal circumstances, leaving you one less thing to worry about. Get the trustworthy DieHard battery, for cold climate starting power you can count on.

The DieHard Size 78 brings you great starting power at an affordable price and the cold start confidence of DieHard. It was designed specifically for use in cold weather areas. With a 110-minute reserve capacity, it will keep your lights and accessories on longer with the engine off. Trust your car to the battery that you can count on to get you going.

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