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Decor Bathware
Decor Bathware Alexandria 126639 24" Towel Bar

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It is not only the perfect size to put your towel but very beautiful as well. It looks great and very easy to set up. The instructions were easy and quick. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to save money and time on products of this sort, you wont be disappointed.



Alexandria towel bar is decorative, elegant, and functional


We remodeled our master bath a couple years ago, and I chose and installed this towel bar because of its elegant beauty. The item is chrome, the mounts have a white ceramic piece incorporated into them, and the rod has a white ceramic knob on each end. Two years later, I look at this thing and am still completely pleased with my choice. This product was easy to install. The end knobs are decorative, but I also find them to be very functional. On one I've hung a decorative basket. Otherwise, I often use them as an extra place to hang odds and ends as I need to, whether clothing items or sometimes something I need to dry. One of the knobs is directly over the heating register. This bar is sufficiently low profile so that we don't run into it. The bathroom is small, so running into things is easy to do. Two years isn't a long test for the durability of a home decor product, but in this time frame the towel bar is not showing any wear whatsoever. It's as perfect as the day I bought it.

Appleton, WI


Decor Bathware Alexandria 126639 24" Towel Bar

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