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Zero Turn Riding Mowers
Cub Cadet
Cub Cadet RZT 50" Radius Zero Turn Riding Mower

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Be careful


This mower is great for the homeowner that owns less than 3/4 acre. If you live where your ground is pretty flat and you can cut your lawn in less than 45 minutes then this is the perfect mower for you. Otherwise if you have some steep grades, takes over 45 minutes to cut, or don't want to do a lot of upkeep to your mower after the warranty runs out then steer clear. I have owned 2 of them over the last 12 years and they wont hold up to much more than what I described. Deck is weak "they sell reinforcement plates", google RZT deck spindle and most likely the first thing that pops up are the kits with 3 spindles, 3 blades, and the belt. "think they know there is a problem"? These mowers were only designed to mow no more than 45 minutes at a time. Otherwise the hydrogears will constantly overheat resulting in a hydrogear failure. A new hydrogear runs about $650 per side. " I have replaced one already and less than 2 years later the other side won't pull. Doesn't take long before the clutch starts slipping leaving a mess to recut . The hydrogears do not have a reservoir or a filter system other than a mesh screen and only use motor oil in them instead of real hydraulic fluid.

southern illinois

Cub Cadet 50" RZT Riding Lawnmower is efficient for home use.


We purchased the Cub Cadet 50" Radius Zero Turn riding lawnmower about five years ago.   The zero turn capability means that it turns in a three hundred and sixty degree circle. It is very durable.  The only thing that we have replaced on it are blades and a few deck belts.  It eliminates the need to weed-eat in most locations because of it's ability to align right next to objects and zero turn. It has a connection that will allow you to wash underneath the deck making it very easy to clean-up after mowing.  There is a cupholder and a storage cup.  It has an easy access drain plug that you can connect a piece of plastic tubing to empty the oil, this lessens the chance of a spill and a mess.  One thing I dislike is that there are no armrest on the sides of the seat.  I think this would make the few hours I spend mowing more comfortable.  There are many attatchments that you can purchase to make this do more than just your mowing jobs.  I would recommend this mower to a friend.

Rutledge, GA


Cub Cadet RZT 50" Radius Zero Turn Riding Mower

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