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Cooler Master
Cooler Master Storm Devastator Gaming Keyboard

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Great Entry-level Gamer Keyboard Combo


This keyboard and mouse is made by Cool Master and comes together as a combo bundle. The keyboard has one level of lighting, which is a nice soft blue color. It allows you to see your keys in low light conditions, like when your playing games. It has all the standard keys in the same places as a normal keyboard, with just the added light and backlight glow. The light is turned on when you enable scroll lock. The one issue I had with this keyboard was just that. In order to have the lights on, scroll lock must be toggled on. In excel, this causes issues if you use the cursor keys to more around. The work around is to turn the lights off on the keyboard and turn on your lights in the room so you can see the keys. Without the keyboard lights on, the keys are a little hard to see. But as I said, this is only an issue in excel. All the other times, this keyboard rocks! The mouse has a soft blue glow also and never turns off. It has a DPI button to adjust the sensitivity while in game, you just have to click it through its 3 different DPI settings. All in all, this combo is excellent for the cost and makes a great beginners setup. Much cheaper than other gaming setups. I couldn't give it a 10 because of the excel issue, but you can work around it if you don't use it constantly. Design Great design. It would have been better if the keyboard light was always on, instead of using the scroll lock key to enable it.



Cooler Master Storm Devastator Gaming Keyboard

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