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Consort Hair Spray for Men

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Consort Hair Spray Not Just For Men


Consort Hair Spray for men is for women too. My husband has used hair spray almost as long as we have been married which will be forty years in June. Of course in order for him to use it,it must say it is for men somewhere on the can. The hair spray that he uses is "Consort For Men".It is also stated on the can,"unscented, Extra Hold". This hair spray is not found on the isle with all the hair sprays instead it is on the isle with the men's Razors and shaving cream. It is also very hard to find. Sometimes it is not there at all. They run out of it a lot. The only place we seem to be able to find it at all is the Wal Mart. Sometimes we can find it at the K Mart. Anyway, the Consort Men Hair Spray is a very good hair spray. Consort Mens Hair Spray holds on very windy days. It is also easy to run a comb through your hair after spraying with Consort. I have gotten use to using Consort over the years of using my husbands'.The ladies brands that I have used do not measure up to Consort for men.Needless to say, my husband and I both use Consort for Men. This is what we both prefer. If I get caught in the rain I can still comb through my hair. I have used ladies brands that I can not comb through when it gets wet. I only buy Consort hair spray for men and I do not buy ladies hair spray anymore. **Bottem Line: **I do recommend "Consort Hair Spray For Men" and for women. I do not recommend ladies hair spray for myself nor do I recommend it for ladies or for men.

Rocky Mount, NC


Consort Hair Spray for Men

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