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Brewster Wallcoverings
Brewster Wallcoverings Wall Pops!

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Foolproof personalization


I love Brester's Wallcoverings Wall Pops! I am a college students who really wanted to make my dorm room feel more lively and homey and personalized. I was able to achive this look through the use of Brewster's Wallcoverings Wall Pops! These are so easy to use and can really make any room really come to life. Applying these wall pops to your walls are simple. Just separate the wall pop from the paper, pick a place on the wall, and carefully stick the wall pop to the wall. Be careful as to how you place it on the wall so you can avoid air bubbles. If you have found you do not like the placement of your wall pop or have too many air bubbles simply peel it off of the wall and adhere it to a different spot. That is another great benefit of the Brewster Wallcoverings Wall Pops, they are removable! When you do remove the wall pop from the wall whether it is ten seconds later or ten months later they will not damage the wall! I will definitely be recommending Brewster Wallcoverings Wall Pops to all of my friends!



Brewster Wallcoverings Wall Pops!

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