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3M Futuro For Her (Slim Silhouette) Wrist Support

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Futuro For Her gives that extra support just For Her


Due to sitting at a computer a good portion of the day and chasing three children around, I'm prone to a weak wrist that will easily injure.  Just recently it has happened again, calling for added support to heal and keep from re-injury.  I was looking for something from Ace, but the only thing available was the **Futuro Slim Silhouette Wrist Support (also know as the Futuro for Her).**The Futuro For Her provides moderate support in a slim fashion.  It's special feature is that it is tailored to the curves of a woman's wrist.  First thing I notice is that it is slim and light.  This means that it is easy to fit under clothing and not look bulky too.  The Futuro For Her has 3 straps with Velcro closure making it an adjustable size.  The material is breathable.  It's nice to not have your hand sweating up a storm while trying to have some support like others I have tried.  Inside the support is a gel pad that runs from the palm to the forearm.  This makes it nice and cushioned.Slipping on the Futuro support is easy and it feels just like a glove.  Though there are times I need to take it off (doing dishes), I can keep it on for an extended time to provide support for every occasion.  The brace provides the support I need primarily while interacting with the kids.  It becomes more difficult when trying to type or use the mouse though so I usually take it off during those times.  The fabric of the support is a light blue, making it more likely to blend with whatever colors in your wardrobe.  Within the first few days I could already see dirt showing though with this light color.  I have not washed it yet, though the instructions state to hand wash it.Though a little pricey, women who experience wrist pain could definitely benefit from the support of the Futuro For Her Wrist support.  The stabilizer comes in a right and left one size.

Lansing, MI


3M Futuro For Her (Slim Silhouette) Wrist Support

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