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z.one concepts
z.one Concepts Milk_Shake  Conditioning Whipped Cream

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Whipped Cream makes your hair look and feel great!


Z.one Concepts Conditioning Whipped Cream is another product that represents itself perfectly. Its a bit pricey, but worth every penny,  and sold in salons only. This product is a leave in conditioner, applied like a mousse. It smells wonderful- almost like cake batter- and leaves your hair soft, shiney and managable without weighing it down too heavily.  Whipped cream contains milk protiens to help improve the condition of the hair, as well as protect hair color.  I use this product every day, on my natural cury, frizzy hair with wonderful results. Its softens my hair and helps control fizzies all day long- and as a bonus its smells fantastic. It can be used on fine hair, as long as you use it lightly and dont over do it. Too much can weigh fine hair down.   

Bristol, TN


loving Milk_Shakes whole line!


first off I'm a professional stylist I found this product line through our Rusk rep. it is a semi natural line that is made out off Milk and Yogurt Porteins, plus other fruit extracts. this whole line is about healthy hair! to me it is just like Aveda (which I use to use) but it smells ten times better! the Milk_Shake whipped cream is a leave in conditioner. depending on your hair type will depend on how you use it. if you have fine hair or oily hair you can use this as your only conditioner as needed. if you have thick or dryer hair you will still need to use a normal in shower condition and this afterwards when you get out. this leave in doesn't weight they hair down like a lot of leave ins do. like the name says it comes out looking like whipped cream, the bottle even looks like those type you turn upside down to pour out! downer is that it comes out pretty fast so you need to be careful and pay attention! it will leave your hair feeling, soft, combable, shine, and on it's way to being healthy!

Hartselle, AL


z.one Concepts Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream

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