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Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher Neonatura Cocoon Perfume

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Sexy strong Scent


This perfume is a very strong scent so if you don't like strong smelling scents this one is not for you. It has a very lovely sexy, musky type scent. A combination of patchouli and vanilla scents combine together in a lovely way. This is my sisters absolute favorite scent, if she starts to get low she gets nervous! It is a scent that will stay with you all day once you put it on so you don't have to use alot at one time, which helps it last a lot longer than some others. Bottle is a little awkward to handle, but nothing to deter you from using. A little pricey, but Yves Rocher run alot of deals throughout the year, also if you order over a certain amount they give you free shipping, so wait for one of their deals. If you're not sure you'll like it try their sample size bottle first. I believe they also sell sample size packets of most of their products, which is a great way to get to try new things without spending a ton of money first.



Wow what a perfume


Yves rocher perfume cocoon is a very sexy scent. It is a scent that stays with you all day long. This perfume you do not have to refresh as the day goes on. It is a strong scent so you should be careful how much you put on. I have gotten great comments on Cocoon from women and men. But if you love a sultry sexy scent this is your perfume. The bottle itself is unique as it is oval, so must lay flat. But it is a different shape and looks great. You are going to love Cocoon. It makes me feel very special whenever I wear it. The scent is sexy so it just makes you feel sexy. A very very good perfume. I am very fussy as to the perfume I wear and this was and easy decision once I smelled it. Have recommended Cocoon to all my friends and family I was a little skeptical about Cocoon at first. The shape of the bottle for one. Was not sure how I would store it with the rest of my perfumes, but it worked out, just took up a little more space as the bottle lays flat instead of standing up.Had not really tried an oriental  before but turned out to be great.

Milwaukee, WI


smell good if you like to smell like fruits allday.


I like to smell ...some what.  The bottle is very ..i mean very, bothersome.  Who the heck would design the bottle that is shape as an oval?  Anyway, I would recommend that anyone who like to smell like fruits all day would get this.  However be aware of the bottle.  I still have it on my table face down just looking at me, begging to be pick up and place with the other body sprays.

Chicago, IL


warm, sensual, inviting.


this is a lovely oriental/vanilla fragrance with notes of patchouli and cocoa. It's a warm, comforting, sensual fragrance. My other half loves the deep mix of scents, and the way it warms on the skin...not overpowering, very sexy and natural.  Head notes of Cocoa, mid notes of vanilla, and base notes of patchouli..wonderful blend, fun packaging.  also comes in shower gel and body lotion to layer the experience.  Smaller purse size is great for on the go touch ups.

New Market, VA


Yves Rocher Neonatura Cocoon Perfume

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