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Read 1 Review is a scam! Ugg Boots from China that are fake.


***Background on*** A friend of mine at Viewpoints recently passed along a site called She found it online. is a web site that sells all styles of Ugg Boots at discounted prices. We werent certain if were the real or not. But after a thorough review of the site, we thought it was legit. looks like a reasonable reseller of Ugg Boots. The page is designed well, the pictures look authentic and they make claim to having the real deal. They also consistently site throughout the web site having customer satisfaction commitments. To add to the thought it was authentic, the pricing seemed good but not amazing. As you probably know a typical pair of Ugg Boots cost about $110. On the cost was $89.00- approximately a $20 savings. Seemed like a good deal, but they werent so cheap that I thought it could be scam. As an aside, last year Nordstrom had a similiar sale on Ugg boots so the pricing seemed legit. ***Okay, so I bought a pair of Ugg Boots on I was excited*** Since winter is coming and my 3 other pairs of Ugg Boots are shot (they are all pretty old), I figured I would get a new pair of Uggs. I bought the same size Uggs as my other 3 pairs in the same style, just different color. I was really excited that I got a good deal on boots and they would be here before winter really kicks into high gear. ***Okay, bad idea. When the box arrived, it wasnt just from, it was also from China.*** Ut-oh, Red flag. I have been to China. There are knock-offs on every street corner for nearly every brand you can think of. And, big suprise, this was no different. The Ugg boots actually looked fairly good. However, when I went to slip my foot into the shoe, I could barely get it over my big toe. Odd. Upon closer inspection and comparison with my "real" uggs, I determined there is no way this shoe could be real. Same size, same style, different color and doesnt even remotely fit. And, the sole was pretty different. Darn it. I got dooped. I hate that. :( ***Now the fun-- Good luck trying to return on*** As soon as I received the shipment and saw they didnt fit and werent authentic, I was angry. I just spent $89 on FAKE SHOES that dont fit. So, I instantly went online to and looked up their return policy. Ugh. There is no policy. They tell you just to let them know and they will work it out with you. I also combed through looking for any transparency that they were in China. Nada! I submitted their form and here was the response I got from their customer service person.... *"Sorry to hear that.We can certainly exchange for you.But you will have to afford the shipping cost,which is really high for you.So considering from your interest,I suggest you resell them or give them to one of your friends as a Christmas Day gift.Then you can reorder another pair from our websites with a big discount offered by us.What do you think about that?"* Are you kidding? Give to a friend? A mouse couldnt fit into these shoes? Who sends a response like this? I pushed back and they said "sorry, the manager is out of town. I cant make these decisions." Ahhh... the manager is out of town trick! Fine. I figured I would just pay to ship them back. After asking 5x, they finally sent me the address to send the shipment back to and guess what-- it was $80 to ship them back to China. So, basically, a wash. I let them know how displeased i was and wasnt something they could do. They were apologetic but didnt budge. They just kept saying that I needed to take responsibility for ***my purchase.*** ***So, bottomline on BEWARE. : is a scam. ***The boots are not real, the 'manager is out of town' and if the fake boots dont fit, you are stuck with them. My only recourse- buyers protection on my credit card- thank  you American Express. Thank goodness. But, I have now wasted 5 hours of my time fighting the cause with Why do people need to be so dishonest? I really hate that. Addendum: after doing some digging, here are some words from Ugg- just a tip!*"If you are viewing UGG® Australia product on-line anywhere other than and the domain name includes "UGG", or any variation of this word, or includes one of our style names in the domain address, e.g. "Cardy", this product is most certainly counterfeit."*

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