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windata windata DVD+R

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Bitter experience, after 2.5 years, data is gone... for ever


My review on **Windata windata DVD+R rw** .Well, it look good at the time of purchase, great deal, this media brand was sold by **Microcenter**, a dedicated computer store chain, so **I expected decent quality**.The discs were sold as a house brand, and are made in Taiwan At the time of purchase (AUGUST 2005), I have no problems, or errors  burning  data on the DVD discs...100% succes ratio, I have used Nero and Roxio on 2 PCs, and the default burner for Mac. After wrighting the data I have **ALL discs checked for errors, and... No problems** by far. Due the fact I burned this discs for archival purpose, I really payed attention to storage, the The discs were stored inside the plastic  jewel cases , vertical position, some at home, and some at my working place.So no wrong doing at my end....**I have read data from some discs after a year**, everything normal. Total, I have burned **22 Windata discs**, and 9 Sony discs with uncompressed personal video files, and photos. All stored in the same conditions. **After more than 2.5 years** (APR 2008) I need to pull out some original uncompress footage and all **(ALL 22) Windata discs are having errors, unreadable**.**I could not recover any of the discs** , just some random pictures, and 1 video file (1.2 gb).**My data is GONE**!!!!I went in recovery "mode" following this bad news,  I have used 5  recovery softwares, on PC or Mac( with a lot of help by IT guy from my work place)....2 days latter i quit, my work was gone....ZERO DATA ! Frustration, , important videos, personal data lost for ever, all due the bad quality, and wrong decision I make to go with NO NAME or CHEAP BRANDS. NO matter they say this discs are good for 100 years, they have a LIMMITED WARRANTY policy, they will replace a bad media with the same product ....nobody can give-me back my files. Conclusion: Try to stay away from this brand, and make back-ups on your Hard drive as on Good Archival optical media.And Do not trust a product Just beacuse is sold in a specialised store. **IF YOU HAVE ANY WINDATA DVDs with files, movies, etc, MAKE A backup COPY !!! TODAY !!! **** IF YOU HAVE BLANKS, DO NOT USE THEM !!!****PS**. ALL (9) Sony DVDs burned at the same time, and stored in the cabinet, in the same  box , are working perfect.

Chicago, IL


windata windata DVD+R

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