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Vivitar - Vivicam 8018 Digital Camera

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Vivitar...not worth the money


I bought two of the Vivitar-vivicam 8018 digital camera's for my two younger daughters for christmas this year.  They both were so excited to get a "real " digital camera that was their very own.  That is where the "good" stuff ends. !  My children tore open the christmas camera package and eageraly waited for their daddy to cut open the plastic around the camera.  After installing the batteries (of course they were NOT included) the girls wanted to start taking pictures...they get the message...insert memory card!  My other digital cameras work without a memory card, but they only hold like 10 pictures, but the Vivitar-vivicam 8018 digital camera's do not even take ONE picture.  I bought "expensive" batteries and they still didnt even last 2 hours with this camera.  I have learned my lesson...DONT by Vivitar, it is not worth the price, buy the time that you add ALL the batteries that you will need, and the SD memory card you will pay so much that you could have gotten a "name" brand for less, that has a chargable battery.

Brandon, MS


Vivitar comes with some pretty decent software.


This digital camera is about 8 megapixels. The only thing i dislike about it is that it doesnt save the megapixel setting after you turn it off. It goes to a defaut of 3 megapixels everytime and you have to go into mode and change it everytime. Another thing is that it uses those tripple a batteries fast when you have the flash on and using it. At first i forgot where the flash was and kept trying to get a flash and couldnt and it really frusterated me, But there is actually a thing on the side that u have to move to enable the flash. I think the flash is good for taking puctures in the dark. It worked for me yesterday when i took some pics it was really dark! I think that this cameras software called the vivitar experience is good and it lets you upload easily your images to sites like picasa and facebook. I like how the software actually  lets you sort all the pictures you have on the camera and on your computer in the software program and tag it and cool things. Basically the camera works really well.

Puyallup, WA


Vivitar - Vivicam 8018 Digital Camera

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