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Vivitar - Vivcam 5022 Digital Camera

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Vivitar camera has low battery life and pictures come out blurry


Batteries dont last long and poor photos. Image Quality Images come out blurred or dark. Performance Pictures come out blurred and you have to hold your hand very steady. Ease of Use Easy to take pictures and to delete photos. Durability Lasts from clunking around and in the heat. Battery Life You will have to g.o thorough alot of batteries especially using the flash Portability Easy to fit in purse or even a pocket.

Waterloo, IA


Don't waste your money on this Vivitar camera


My six year old daughter wanted a camera for Christmas this year.  I gave that gift wish over to my in-laws because they are always looking for ideas.  I told them not to go all out or anything, just a simple fairly inexpensive camera.  They bought this Vivitar camera, and it is horrible!  I am pretty camera savvy - I have a really nice DSLR myself, and just figuring out how to use this thing with the flash and modes was near impossible.  The photo quality is like beyond horrible.  Most of the time I can't even tell what I just took a picture of.  It might do a little better outside in natural light, but it's too cold here in MI to try it this time of year!  My daughter got a DSi this Christmas as well and that thing takes MUCH better pictures than this Vivitar camera.  I guess for little kids this camera might be perfect because of it's price tag, but it's really not very good at all - almost a waste of good money.

Zeeland, MI


This vivitar camera is good for kids


My husband and I searched everywhere for inexpensive cameras to give our six and seven year old daughters for Christmas. The vivicam 5022 was the fourth camera that we purchased and tried out. We returned the previous ones because we weren't satisfied with them and kept this one. We didn't want to spend too much on the camera since they are so young but wanted them to have a camera they could enjoy taking pictures with. This camera fit the bill. The display is big enough and clear enought that they can see what they are taking a picture of. It has an antishake feature which is especially important for child photographers. It has an automatic flash and it easily connects to my apple computer and syncs up with iphoto. Our only disappointment is that although it does take video, it does not have audio with the video. This was especially disappointing since the description of it where we bought it said that it made videos with audio...not true! However, my girls were not upset by this and have already figured out how to turn there videos and pictures into a slideshow in iphoto with background music. They have each dropped the camera once and they are both still working fine. After testing various cameras we found the vivicam 5022 to have the most features for the money and to be a good camera for kids.

Bedford, TX


Vivitar Camera, screen with less glare so can see what taking.


I found that this camera takes decent pictures, as far as the pictures go. When outside in bright light it is next to impossible to see what you are taking a picture of because of the glare while trying to see  your subject.  

San Antonio, TX


Vivicam 5022 -for people with 10-10 vision?


     I should have known! First hint was being sold the wrong size memory thingie (?) Second--it didn't seem right to buy something that wouldn't work unless you bought at least 2 other things. Third and possibly most annoying -- I open the package and try to read the instructions. I know that my eyes aren't what they used to be, but reading glasses normally do the trick. In this case, I had to get my old magnifying glass just to see the diagrams. Talk about alienating the baby boomers. I'll probably be putting this little pink piece of technology on Craigslist before long!!!! Give me back my old Brownie camera.      I suppose that if I wasn't so technically challenged, I'd give it a chance, but my first opinions usually stick and Vivitar has lost this customer.  

Albany, OR


The Vivicam Vivitar 5022 doesn't take very good pictures.


My employer purchased this camera for me to use in the course of my job as an apartment manager. I use it to take pictures of vacant apartments, damages to our units, and to verify infractions, and other things of that nature.The first time I used it, the pictures looked good on the small screen on the camera. However, when I uploaded the pictures onto my computer, they were all completely blurry. After reading the manual and adjusting the camera, it still must be held completely still for several seconds in order to get a clear picture. I have used other digital cameras that were much easier to use. The other problem I have with this camera is that the camera has a very narrow range. When I'm confined to a small space like an apartment bedroom or bathroom, it is impossible to get a wide shot. Again, other digital cameras I have used were much better in this regard. Finally, the data cord used to upload pictures to my computer is much too short. I have to leave the cord on the floor in order to use it. Other cameras would be a better investment.

Springfield, OR


Vivitar - Vivcam 5022 Digital Camera

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