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Verizon VZAcess Wireless Internet

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Verizon VZAcess Wireless Internet: Wireless That Works


I am not technically savvy by a long shot. I don't know a lot about internet access or what you need to do it. Verizon broke it down for me with this product. I needed access for work and went to Verizon and told them my dilemma. They assured me this product was the answer. They said it was portable and I could take it with me. They also said it would work in my home where there was no other access at all due to the rural area I'm in. I got the 'card' as it's called and I plugged it up and it worked instantly, just like they said. Once you put the password in to your device it's saved so you only do it once. I am very happy to say I have been steadily connected to the internet since I got it. It has not been problematic at all and that's not usually the case for me since I have no computer or technology experience. I love the freedom it gives me in that I don't have to ask for help from the kids or constantly call the provider for help. It feels so good to not have to worry about getting my computer work accomplished. I have never lost my connection nor been unable to sign on. You will love this wireless internet from Verizon especially if you are in an area where most connections don't work. I love it!




Great Customer Service


I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for 10+ years, and have to say that even though their rates are a little higher than most, I am 100% satisfied. Their customer service is the best that I have ever come across, I never have problems with my calls dropping and their technology is always top rate!! Even the times that I have been upset with them, I call them and tell them I am frustrated and they are understanding to my issues, apologize and always seem to have me happy and satisfied at the end of the call. I was a little apprehensive when we got our Samsung tablet because they are starting to limit your monthly texts and internet usage, but I was assured by the sales person that I would not go over my limit and so far I have not even come close to going over my limit of GB and texts!! They have got me sold! Call Quality Never ever have a problem with hearing people. Coverage Never have a problem with call dropping. Plan Options Although their lowest plan was still too much for what we do, they still were able to lower our plan a bit to save us some money...


Hastings, NE


Verizon VZAcess Wireless Internet

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