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Valspar Venetian Plaster

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Portabella color is difficult to use. Do NOT burnish it.


Have used the blue Venetian plaster in the past with better results. When burnishing the blue made a nice darker blue. However, burnishing Portabella color in Venetian Plaster produces dark gray streaks like pencil marks. The only help is to sand and sand and sand. Then a small amount of venetian plaster over the area as smooth as possible. Upon researching this product I found that most people do not burnish it due to this. So the finished product does NOT have the marble/ shiny product like you think it will. Because I was using this over old wallpaper (as opposed to re papering) it was ok without burnishing. It still looks upscale, just not what I expected as a finish. I tried wax on it as advised on some other sites, but it darkened and changed the color/ made it ugly. At the end I applied a semi gloss Polycrylic over the entire thing. It was like cheating to get some shine.



Never again!


even working a foot section it would look so different each section that the wall looked pieced together. I know it is not exactly uniform looking, but this was just ugly. I used four gallons and it would still look so different each section I would have to sand it off and redo it again. I did this so many times I was just so tired of trying to get it to work I drove myself crazy. I do not like to give up but after four gallons I had no ability to do it anymore. I had to just paint a primer on the wall and go for a solid color. I do not think this stuff works period the end.

Mill City Oregon


Shoulda wallpapered instead!


I viewed the You-Tube Valspar video and did the roller app for the 1st coat. Was too thick to really do that - definitely didn't look like the video. 2nd coat was the trowel. My fault for doing it uneven but it definitely did not cover any flaws. I should have used 2 coats of primer first and maybe tinted them. Lots and lots of pinprick size holes. I used the gold color and do not like it. I am wondering if I can 'correct' this by sanding all the tiny holes away and if I can do a 3rd coat with a diff color to make it appear more yellow? I have arthritis so after spending 6 hrs total application time it will be a few weeks before I'm ready to fix this!



Polishes wonderfully but touch ups terrible!


I have been working with Venetian plaster for over 14 years now in synthetic and the real Italian plaster. My first reaction when using Valspar Venetian plaster was that it was a God-send! It goes on fairly well. A little bit too much curl around on your blade. Could be a little thicker so it does not drip so quickly. Polishing was a breeze with a buffer. Using a stainless steel trowel tore off sections of the plaster and caused de-laminating! The next problem was when I had to do a small touch up for two small screw holes that needed filling and normally with a good brand like Modern Masters that is no problem or even Behr Venetian. (Behr no longer carries VP!) The touch up came out looking terrible and I had to end up doing the entire wall again even though I used the same product a month later that was left over! For the professional this is not a good product to work with and can bite you in the rear big time. The company needs to do more product research to improve the quality. I would rather pay more and get a better product.

Radford, VA


Anyone can make Valspar Venetian Plaster look great!!


This is a wonderful product.  Used it for laundry/bathroom.  Old damaged walls were hidden easily with this product!!  Very easy to use...time consuming but idiot proof!!  I am not a neat painter and I tend to lose interest after a time and get sloppy.  This doesn't show that at all because of the textured surface it produces.

Alliance, OH


Valspar Venetian Plaster

2.6 5