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up & up Women's Triple Blade Razor

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These razors were a big disappointment.


I have bought a ton of up & up brand products including: baby formula, baby powder, facial cleansing clothes, generic Tylenol and a million other things, so I didn't even second guess trying out Target's **up & up Women's Triple Blade Razors**. Well, these just may be the worst up & up product I've ever tried. First of all, the razors feel super cheap in my hand. Secondly, they are constructed so poorly that the plastic sides of the razor scratch your skin as you glide the razor. Another reason I will never buy these again is the placement of the razor's head - it's flat, not at an angle like ALL other razors, which makes shaving quite awkward. The only good thing about these are its three blades, but what good are they if they are uncomfortable to shave with?

Camp Lejeune, NC


As Good as Any Name Brand Razor


I don't know how often I can tout Target's brand Up & Up and its products. Everything is either the same as the name brand or better. I'd been looking for a cheaper disposable razor, but didn't want to sacrifice a good shave. I tried the Noxzema razors, and those were basically a bust. Scanning the shelves I thought why not try the Up & Up Women's Razors? They couldn't be any worse than the Noxzema ones. Not only were they not worse than the Noxzema razors, they were much better. It shaved so close. I don't feel like I'm walking out of the shower with a 5 o'clock shadow under my arms. And my legs are silky smooth after using this razor. And to have these razors be cheaper than any other ones on the shelf other than the typical Bic type, was a real bonus. The jelly-like orange coloring of this disposable razor makes it like the more upscale disposable razors like Soleil, and it works just as well, if not better. The shape can be a bit puzzling, making it seem like it wouldn't work well. Most razors today come with a curved shape, but this is more flat. The flatness leads to that close shave, though, as it almost feels like you're shaving with a straight razor. In addition to the close shave and the attractiveness of these razors, it also features triple blades, a pivoting head, and an aloe and shea butter moisturizing strip for those with sensitive skin issues. There honestly isn't any more you could ask for in a disposable razor.

South Elgin, IL


up & up Women's Triple Blade Razor

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