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up & up Liquid Laundry Detergent

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Very good value


I bought this product after accidentally coming across a consumer reports ranking showing this at the top of the charts. As a pretty loyal Tide user, I was intrigued! My laundry needs are pretty straight forward: basic cleaning, generally nothing more than an occasional grass stain or pasta sauce spill. This was the first up & up laundry detergent I purchased. I was really happy with the performance! My clothes were clean and smelled nice without being "scented". I frankly couldn't tell the difference between this and Tide. I'm very careful about the quantity of soap I use in my front loader, and tend to use slightly less than recommended, and almost always with cold water (except whites). I definitely recommend giving it a try unless you like paying a premium for the same results. Performance Very happy with the cleanliness of my laundry while using slightly less than the recommended quantity in my front loader. Scent Very subtle scent, which is good. My husband probably wouldn't want to smell like a field of lavender.



good value for the price


i would recommend this product from target. it has very good cleaning power even in hard water conditions. i bought the big jug with a spout on it. it was kind of a pain to keep tipping it over to get out of spout, but the jug lsted a very long time since it was so big. i feel it cleaned very well, even my husbands dirty work clothes with grease and grass stains on them. i bought the 2x concentrate one. so doesnt use very much for a load. i am very happy with this product.



Smells great, but ends there.


The only thing attractive about this product was the price. I've purchased this product twice and still half a bottle I can't bring myself to use. The clothes came out smelling good, but they were dingy and felt like their was a residue left behind from the detergent. I was not using a fabric softener so that can't be why. It really doesn't clean as well as it should so it's not worth saving the money to have half cleaned clothes.

Mission Viejo, CA


up & up Liquid Laundry Detergent

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