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Works wonders for acid reflux babies!


I am the mother of identical twin girls who were having horrible acid reflux! They would spit up entire bottles after more than one feeding a day when they were only 1 month old. I even went to the doctor and started them on medication and would not let them lay down flat for at least 30 minutes after a bottle but they still had problems. I saw this and saw that it helped with spit up so I decided to try it and it worked great! My girls would only spit up about once every few days while drinking this formula. I would also continued to not let them lay flat for at least 30 minutes after eating. If normal formula or breastmilk is not helping with your baby's acid reflux, I highly recommend trying this. My girls were on it for a few months and then were able to move on to normal formula. Having two babies, this was a life saver! I didn't have to worry about them keeping bottles down anymore!



up & up Infant Formula Added Rice

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