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up & up Baby Diapers

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Absolutely love these diapers!


I have been using this brand of diapers for about a year now and I love them! They have great absorbency and they aren't bulky like Huggies and other brands. They seem super thin like they won't be able to hold leaks, but they do!! They are just lightweight which I am so happy about because thin diapers are so much nicer for my son in the summer when it is hot! My son also has eczema and is usually allergic to most diaper brands but we have had no issues with these diapers whatsoever! I would totally recommend these for a first time parent.

Phoenix, Arizona


Used to be good now they are not


I used these for my first daughter they were amazing i loved that they were not expensive yet gave my little one protection fr leaks, they werent chunky, and were comfortable no allergic reactions. But once i bougjt them for my son years later(recently) they definitely arent the same. I was going through diapers ALL THE TIME because they were not resistant. Wven a small amount of urine caused leaks

Long Beach, ca

I wouldn't buy this product again


I was recommended to use Up & Up for me sensitive skinned child. Within a day of use he had broken out in a nasty rash along his pubic bone and his inner thighs.

Mesa, AZ


I have and will continue to buy these diapers.


I use these diapers everywhere, they have never leaked and are affordable.

Jacksonville, Florida


I would buy this product again!!


Great diaper during the day



Best store brand


I overall like the diapers. They hold up better then parents choice or aldis brand for me. They still do leak through occasionally. That being said my son is a heavy wetter. So when using store brands I expect it every now and again.

Pittsburgh, PA


Up & Up


I found these diapers to be one of my favorites. I haven't had any problems with leaks or anything.

New York


I would buy this product again


Overall I am pleased with this brand, affordable and does its job, I prefer for all day used and my child has sensitive skin he doesn't seem bothered great diaper for the price.

L0v3ly, NJ


Learned to love these diapers


I started buything these diapers after I ran out of the bigger brand diapers and I just continued because I was saving money. I like these diapers and they really do the job. Very absorbent. My only complaint is they sag a bit when wet and the diaper doesn't fit around my child very snug.

Loma Linda California


Love Up & Up


We know we can count on this brand all day. Our boy has BM issue and we can count on these when other brands would result in a blow out. They are super absorbent so he is able to sleep longer at night without becoming uncomfortable if he is really wet.

Saint Francis, MN


up & up Baby Diapers

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