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up & up Allergy Relief Eye Drops

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I have bad allergies and sinuses, I use Tylenol Cold and Sinus!


I have use lots of sinus products over the years,Because I was in a car accident when I was young and had to have reconstruction surgery on my nose and face,which consisted of having plastic replacing some bones in my face and forehead,including the bridge of my nose.The plastic cuases me to get sinsus infections and lots of sinu problems.I takeover the counter sinus medications to combat the problems. I find that Tylenol Cold and Sinus work very well for this!


Muskegon, MI


up & up allergy relief eye drops


i just tried some of the up and up allergy relief eye drops and they actually work really well. I was surprised that as much cheaper as they were than the other brands that they worked just as well. All you do is put a drop or a couple drops in whatever eye is bothering you (itching, red, burning) and within about 20 seconds your eye feels soothed almost. It is not itching anymore, not burning, the eye drops feel real cool on your eye and it feels really good and then no more itching or anything. They really do work great and are a great price compared to the others out there. I recommend these eye drops to anyone who wants a great product that will actually help with the itchy and red eyes caused by allergies.


Opelika, AL


up & up Allergy Relief Eye Drops are great


These are pretty much like any other allergy eye drops but they are a target brand so they are a bit cheaper than some of the others like Bausch and Lomb. These work great though if you have itchy, red, or watery eyes from allergies. My eyes get real bad if I am around dogs because I am so allergic and they start to hurt and burn and itch a whole lot. The more I scratch them the worse they get. They will start to swell shut if I scratch them to try to make them feel better. These eye drops work really well though. All you do is put a drop or two in whichever eye is bothering you and within a few seconds they feel a ton better. They relieve the redness, itching and burning and have your eyes feeling so much better. I recommend these.


Norwalk, CA


These up and up allergy relief eye drops work great


These allergy eye drops work great. If you have itchy red eyes this is the product you need. I have bad allergies and often get really itchy eyes and it is miserable when you can't get them to stop itching. You put a drop or two of these in your eyes and they work almost instantly. There is a soothing cool feeling as soon as the drop hits your eye and they instantly feel better. Then within a few seconds they aren't itching anymore, the redness goes away, and your eyes feel a million times better than they did a few seconds before you took them. These are a great product, and they are much cheaper than the other brands of allergy relief eye drops because they are the target brand. I guess they are generic of something, but they work great.


Abie, NE


up & up Allergy Relief Eye Drops

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