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up & up Ultra Premium Bath Tissue

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up & up Ultra Premium Bath Tissue is really premium!


In these hard economic times I had to really cut down on expenses and revise my budget to make sure I get everything I need without going over my budget. To help me with these changes I had to change to store generic brands which I hoped would not compromise the quality of products I bought. this was not the case with targets Up & Up brand products. I really cant tell the difference just the name brand really. I can stock up on toilet paper without breaking the bank and I know im getting good toilet paper that wont rip up or require more sheets to take care of the job. Its reasonably priced but high quality no doubt about it. I have tried charmin and angel soft and theyre all great but high priced so they didnt make the cut. I really dont think the difference is noticeable but the price sure is! I love shopping at target and I have really grown to love the Up & Up products. Great toilet paper!

Los Angeles, CA


a great value for a great price


I am a coupon user, so often find deals with name-brand items, that will bring the items to a lesser cost than store brand when using manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and combining this with sales, but when I am in a hurry and do not have coupons that would make a good deal, my next best bet is to get some Up and Up toilet paper.  It is a great deal for the price.  And speaking of price, I have to mention to be careful when you are buying and not always assume that the 24 double rolls are cheaper than the 12 double rolls.  People assume that buying in bulk means saving money, but I have seen where 2 quantity 12 double rolls are actually cheaper than buying one quanitity twenty four double rolls. The toilet paper is double ply and super absorbent.  I especially like that it is a smooth toilet paper, smooth meaning it doesn't leave behind balled up pieces of toilet paper on your bum!  I just wish they could get it a little more compact on the roll so didnt' take as much room to store.

Saint Cloud, MN


up & up Ultra Premium Bath Tissue

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