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up & up Infant Toddler Formula

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up & up Next-Stage Formula is generic Similac Go & Grow


My my baby turned one, his pediatrician said that he could now go to whole milk or toddler formula. I bought him whole milk and up & up Next-Stage Formula to see what he would like best. He drinks them both, but I would eventually like to get him onto whole milk exclusively since I buy organic milk. I compared this canister to an empty canister of infant formula I had to see what the difference was and the differences seemed minor. Slight changes to amounts of protein and things like that in addition to having much less lactose. I did notice that the comparison label showed what Similac Go & Grow has compared to this generic alternative and the Similac version had higher amounts of most things. Easily Digested My son is one and has no problems digesting this formula. It blends well just like the powdered infant formulas did. Ease of Preparation Just like powdered infant formula, you simply combine the powder with water and mix. It is still one scoop per 2 ounces of water, so nothing has changed there. Very easy to prepare.

Camp Lejeune, NC




This formula is priced right, and digest just as well as the name brand formulas. We have had no problems switching over to the Up & Up Brand, and have saved money doing so. I completely trust and recommend this formula.

Spring, TX


Up & Up Next Step is just as good as EnfaGrow


Up & Up (Target) brand formulas are inexpensive and just as good quality as the leading name brands such as Enfamil and Similac Advanced.  I started my daughter out on Similac Advanced and when she came of age switched her to the Go & Grow formula.  The cost became too much of a burden and I reluctantly switched her to Target brand Next Step formula, but she doesn't know the difference.  I thought at first that shey may dislike the taste or something but she was very happy either way, so we started buying the Up & Up Next Step.  She is a year old now, and she is still on Next Step although we are slowly introducing her to cow's milk she still takes a bottle of Next Step to bed at night. I like that it provides extra vitamins that regular cow's milk does not, and I love the price of course. I get coupons in the mail for this formula from Target, and I like that, and I love that you get more for your money in their 'can' container than the plastic containers that Similac Go & Grow comes in. I would recommend this formula to other parents out their who are budget conscious and want what is best for their infants and toddlers. -G. Watson

Aubrey, TX


up & up Infant Toddler Formula

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