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up & up Apricot Blemish Facial Scrub

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Works as well


I give the up & up brand a ten out of ten because it works just as well as the name brand! It is also sold for a much cheaper price. I love that it has a ton of the scrubbing beads in it and they do not skimp on that. It makes such a great exfoliation and it gets really deep down into the pores for a healthy clean. The apricot facial scrub keeps my skin much nicer and newer looking than any other cleanser out there. Scrubbing with this cleanser is so easy to remove all the dead skin and left over dirt and debris. It is also very effective at removing makeup at the end of the day. Overall this is a great product and I love using it. Please try it yourself! Ease of Application It is very easy to get a good lather with this and the exfoliation starts right away. You can never use too little or too much, but make sure not to rub your face raw! Scent I love this apricot scrub for the scent as well. It has a light fresh scent that does not overpower. The cleanser also leaves a nice scent that can be smelled for just a few minutes.



Not as good as name brand


I like the up & up Apricot Blemish Facial Scrub, although it is not as good as the name brand version of this scrub. I have sensitive skin, and it is a bit more harsh on my face than I would like it to be. Effectiveness While this facial scrub works somewhat, it is not as good as the name brand version of it. It kind of exfoliates the skin, but not to the extent that I would like it to. Ease of Application This facial scrub goes on the face very easily. All you need to do is squeeze it out of the tube into your hand, rub in between your hands, and then rub it onto your face (at least, that is how I do it). You could also put it on a loofah or on a washcloth - it can be used on your entire body instead of just on your face if you prefer. The downside is that it is a bit difficult to wash all of the way off, especially on your face. The little exfoliating bits will get stuck in crevices and I will often find them after I shower (especially in my hair), no matter how long or hard I rinse off. Scent This facial scrub has a fairly pleasant scent. It does not last after the shower, however, which is a bit of a disappointment.



up & up Apricot Blemish Facial Scrub

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