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unkown Toro model# electric leaf blower

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No frills but no leafs either


This Toro electric leaf blower is perfect for all small leaf blowing jobs. The motor is 7 AMPS which is fine for most jobs. The unit is nice and light. I like that alot because it just takes the work out of the job. It is easily held in one hand and the way the handle is designed gives you two options to grip the leaf blower. Angles and corners ar easy to negotiate. There is no variable speed or mulch capacity but the price of the unit definitely reflects the lack of those options. For the price of this Toro leaf blower you just cannot beat the quality. The hose part seperates from the motor part of the unit making the storage area needed very minimal. There is also a neat quick release hook for the electrical cord needed to run this unit built into the handle so as you streach the cord out it does not unplug from the blower. So since the blower is light weight, cheaply priced, with a fairly powerful motor I'm happy to add it to my collection of yard tools.

Thousand Oaks, CA


unkown Toro model# electric leaf blower

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