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Trane XE1000 heat pump

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Great Unit


Over the 13 year of having a Trane xe1000, I have only had to call for emergency service once, condenser fan motor went out. As with everything having your unit check by a quality technician keeps the life of the unit healthy. I know its getting time to start looking for a replacement, Trane will be on my list.

San Antonio, Texas


Trane Heat pump


I love ou trane we have had it for 3 years now and I dont know what we ever did with out it. Our electric bill has went down so much it is unreal all the while our comfort level within our house has went up. I would recommend this to anyone!!!!

Morristown, IN


I wish my Trane ride was longer


I am very disappointed with the life of the compressor in my 5 ton Trane XE 1000. This was the contractors unit put in when the house was built 10 years ago. While the unit came with high recommendation and served us well durring those years, every company I have had over to quote replacement has expressed surprise that the compressor failed this early. According to these experts the unit is correctly matched to the use and to the rest of the system. It seems to be properly installed and ducted. Regular (annual) maintenance was preformed by a licenced service company. I guess mine was the unit that dragged down the average lifetime expectancy for all of the others. 

Brandon, FL


trane has it right "its hard to stop a trane"


 hello everyone i would have to say that the trane xe 1000 is the most dependable heat pump on the market.I have had a trane unit in my house for the last 25 years and they are by far the best.  Most efficent units out today.they have new 13 seer units out now, mine has worked so well i hate to replace it.but you can bet that when i do it will be with a trane unit.Back in the late 80's trane came out with a unit called the 1500 series it had varitiable speed compressore and the indoor unit had a multy speed blower on it ,it worked great except in rurle areas where you would have power flucuaction that caused the computer part to go out alot. Then in the middle 90's they came out with a 1800 it had 2 compressoure in them,one large one and one small one the large one would run till it got the tem up and then the small one would keep it at the temp you set it.There again it had to many computer parts in it,unlike the xe1000.the xe100 in my opinion is tranes best of the best.

Thayer, MO


Trane XE1000 heat pump

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