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Trane Air Conditoners

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The Trane 5 ton, 15 seer is ahhhhmazing!


We recently replaced our air conditioner with a Trane 5 ton, 15 seer unit and could not be happier with our purchase and investment! The Trane 5 ton, 15 seer unit has two running speeds for efficiency and effectiveness, and lets you control the humidity, which in Houston, is a huge plus! We also love that the Trane 5 ton, 15 seer unit is very quiet while running--you can't even hear it when it is running on the lowest speed, and the higher speed is still very quiet--just a barely-audible hum. We have a two-story, open concept, 2500 square foot home and are very satisfied with the Trane 5 ton, 15 seer unit's ability to cool every room adequately and evenly. On top of it's wonderful function, the Trane 5 ton, 15 seer unit is very budget-friendly. So far, our electricity bill has been about one half of what it was last year, even though our rate went up. So, our new Trane 5 ton, 15 seer unit is more than double the energy-efficiency of our old unit!

Sugar Land, TX




In 2001, we added on to our house.  At that time, we had two Trane Air Conditioners put in.  That same year, my sister bought a house and also had a Trane Air Conditioner installed.  Strange as it sounds, my brother also moved into a new house...again, a Trane.  In 2008, my sister's air conditioner wasn't cooling.  She had a repairman out, and they recharged the system.  It worked for a bit, then quit again.  They had to replace the unit.  That same year, while visiting my brother, out of state, my husband informed me that our air conditioner located on the upper level of our home, had quit working.  When I got home, several days later, sure enough, it wasn't working.  We had a repairman from the company that had installed it, inspect it, and he recharged it.  A few days later, it quit again.  We had to have it replaced.  The warranty on the compressor was only for 5 years.  We had to pay the full cost, out of pocket.  Now, I'm sure you know where this is headed.  Yup, my brother's went out the same year.  Coincidence?  I doubt it.  He had to have his replaced as well.  So far, we haven't had to replace the second one, but I know it's only a matter of time.

Carleton, MI


Trane Air Conditoners

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