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The Mayo Clinic Diet

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A great diet, IF you follow ALL the rules!


The Mayo Clinic Diet is a great diet and I did lose weight on it, but I could not follow all of the guidelines, so I ended up abandoning it. Following the rules is the key component of this diet and you have to follow them to the letter. The Mayo Clinic Diet created its own specialized food pyramid to follow that focused on finding my problem areas and correcting them. I lost most of my weight in the first two weeks. After that, if you follow all the eating guidelines, you will lose weight, but it takes time. This diet more is a guideline to follow to get on a good track to eating correctly. I followed the pyramid and lost about eight pounds the first two weeks I was on this diet. After that, I lost interest because I was only losing about two pounds every two weeks, which was unacceptable to me. I know that losing weight should be something I do healthily, but I get frustrated very easily. I would recommend this diet to anyone who has great self control and is able to stick to very rigid rules.



The Mayo Clinic Diet

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