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Sun Valley
Sun Valley Prenatal Vitamins

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When You Want the Best.


We were put on this earth to help each other, right? Well, I think helping is the best thing that you can do while we are here, and sometimes you find someone who really does need a helping hand. We all know that prenatal care is extremely important for the mother and the child because a baby is going to take what he needs from you whether you like it or not. I met a young lady who was having a hard time, so I offered to take her to the health department for a check up. The doctor there immediately recommended Sun Valley Prenatal Vitamins for the duration of her pregnancy. Being the skeptic that I can often be, I wanted to know why they were so good. He preceeded to tell me about how a baby grows and how a woman's craving can steer her away from a good diet. Of course, he said, "They have all the calcium and vitamin B12 that a mother-to-be will need for healthy bones and a good iron level. I also trust Sun Valley products." Well, if a doctor can trust a product, who am I to question it. Needless to say, one day a healthy little boy entered this world with the help of Sun Valley Prenatal Vitamins.

Watkinsville, GA


Sun Valley Prenatal Vitamins provide exactly what my body needs.


 I started taking Sun Valley Prenatal Vitamins when I found out that I was pregnant, four years ago. I will continue taking them as a daily vitamin as they give my body everything it needs.In my opinion Sun Valley is the best brand for prenatal vitamins.

Loon Lake, WA


These didn't make me sick!


I have horrible morning sickness during pregnancy, loosing weight, not eating, the works.  These are the only prenatal vitamins I found that didn't make me throw up within 20 minutes of taking them, though I have no idea what is different about them.   I only gave them 3 stars because they are more expensive than some store brands, and are much bigger than prescription vitamins.  I probably wouldn't have picked this brand if it wasn't for morning sickness, but after going through several brands this was the best for me.  My doctor also said that nurtition-wise they are mostly the same as prescription brands. 

Waynesboro, VA


Sun Valley Prenatal Vitamins

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