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Sugar Substitute
Sun Crystals
sun crystals all natural sweetener

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Splenda Nectresse Puts Sun Crystals in Hall of Shame


Sun Crystals All Natural Sweetener offered consumers a low calorie natural replacement for sugar howbeit the taste never really caught on. For me it left an awful aftertaste and their sweetener seemed to be too strong. All over the internet one can find negative reviews about this product when, for awhile, I thought it was only my opinion. In time numerous competitors emerged and they were pushed to the background. They are so yesteryear (2009). Recently Splenda introduced Nectresse which is 100% Natural with Zero Calories and the taste is Sensational! I've perfected my ice tea after using this and I've had tons of compliments to confirm it. I was fortunate enough to receive free samples of Nectresse through Smiley 360 online. Say no to Sun Crystals and Yes to Nectresse~

Fort Gratiot, MI


Sun Crystals are even better than sugar!


I got a free sample of Sun Crystals in the mail, and was happy to dump them in my coffee instead of the artificial sweeteners I usually use. It tasted great! It's sweet and healthier than sugar and didn't have the weird aftertaste that most sugar substitutes have. I enjoyed my free sample so much, I went out and bought a box!

Minneapolis, MN


This stuff is GREAT!!


I received a sample of sun crystals in the mail & wasn't really hopeful that it would sweeten as well as sugar.  I was intrigued enough to try it since after all it was a natural product, but I was expecting the bitter aftertaste. I was completely mistaken. I like it BETTER than sugar & it saves me quite a few calories. It wasn't as expensive as I though it would be either. I'd give it an A+ all the way. 

Washington, NC


sun crystals all natural sweetener

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