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southern telecom
Southern Telecom - Slick MP3 Player

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The Slick Mp3 player is awesome!


For a generic mp3 player the slick mp3 player is a fantastic value! I received  this for a Christmas present and have loved it since I opened it! I was excited to have a video mp3 player that I could also put e-books on, and I still like watching videos on it. The videos don't look distorted even though the view screen is a little on the small side. The only real compliant I have when it comes the view screen is that it makes reading e-books a pain.If you are reading a novel, the view screen only seems to pull up a paragraph,if that, at one time. Personally I don't even load e=books on it anymore. it's hard to format e=books into a format that will work with the mp3 player to begin with, and then to only get a paragraph at a time? It's way too time consuming to keep flipping. The sound is really amazing! In my experience with mp3 players I'd say the slick mp3 player's sound is actually a whole lot better than an iPod's sound. The sound rocks no matter if you are watching a movie or listening to an mp3, the sound will blow you away. For the price you just can't go wrong with this mp3 player. it's lasted me nearly 2 years and I hope it lasts me 10 more! 

Lexington, NC


Poor customer service


Bought this MP3 player 2 weeks ago. I charged up the battery and as long as I don't turn it off, it works. But if I turn it off and turn it back on, it does come back on. I've called the company 4 times, left messages 4 times. Never had a return call. I'll take it back to the store tonight and get my money back.

Plant City, FL


Slick mp3 player is great for the price


I received the Slick mp3 player as a birthday present and I really like it.  It is compact and it has great sound.  There is plenty of space to load songs, even without adding a memory card.  The battery doesn't last as long as I would like, but it is okay because I mainly listen to it at my desk at work, and I can recharge it whenever I need to right at my computer.  Definitely a good player for the price.  I highly recommend it!

Detroit, MI


the Slick MP3 player has great sound!


The Slick Mp3 player is so cool.  I love it not only because of all the features, but the size too!  It is so small and very feminine looking to me.  It comes with everything you need to charge it, download and listen.  It is great!!

Florence, SC


Southern Telecom - Slick MP3 Player

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