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Solukhumbu Sleeping Pad

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Make sure you have a SOLUKHUMBU sleeping pad on your next trip!!


I LOVE this pad.  I had previously been sleeping with an air pump bed on short trips, and either a hard matt, or just my sleeping bag on longer distance trips where I had to hike in, and it was either cumbersome, or simply freezing cold before buying this pad.  For the first time I felt like didn't feel any rocks, I slept incredibly warm, (NOT COLD AT ALL!!! My FRIENDS SAID IT WAS DOWN BELOW FREEZING NEARLY EVERY NIGHT DURING THE TRIP, BUT FOR THE FIRST TIME, I DIDN"T WAKE UP FREEZING COLD EVEN ONCE ON THIS TRIP...FINALLY!!!)   I hate to sound like a commercial, but I wouldn't trade this pad for anything else.  My friend has a  pad from a different company that they've been using for a little while, and they paid nearly 3x as much, for less warmth....  P.S. LOVE THE NAME!!!  SOLUKHUMBU!!  I didn't know what it meant at first, but looked it up, pretty cool, will have to travel there someday soon hopefully.  

Fremont, WI


Solukhumbu Sleeping Pad

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