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Im a happy customer.


I actually have had no problems with them after reading many bad reviews elsewhere. Trades are cheap. Whats not to like? Customer Service When I email them they email me back within a few hours. Ease of Use I wish they had a way to edit a placed limit trade like my scottrader account allows but I het the re use button, cancel and then change the price.,



Scary customer service - SogoTrade


I opened an account with Sogotrade a few months ago. I received a welcome e-mail from that but that's all. I never received any other communication on what to do to get started - which after speaking with them, was confirmed to be a mistake. I'm talking just some basic e-mail describing the steps to set up a bank account, etc. But no, I got nothing. A few days later, I spoke with them and they confirmed that the account was set up. I later tried to log on but no go. I then called and for some reason they had to reset my password. IIRC, it was some issue where one department didn't know what the other was doing. I got through the bank verification process fine and mailed them a voided check. I didn't get a chance to fund the account until several weeks later but that failed with the error that they did not have proper documentation (voided check). I called them up and after waiting about 10 minutes, someone came on the line and quickly blurted something. I said "hello". I still did not get a proper "Hi, this is so-and-so. How can I help you?". But I started to describe my situation to the person anyway. The person on the phone was best described as the abosolute stereotypical brokerage agent that you can imagine. I felt like I was talking to my "bookie" or some floor-trader who cared as little about me as is humanly possible. The woman I spoke to at Sogotrade resolved the issue after a lengthy wait but after realizing that their customer service staff is simply a "call center mill", I decided to close out the account before even funding it. If that is SogoTrade's idea of customer service, I need to put my money (a lot of money) somewhere where I'm considered a higher priority. Being 48, I tend to have very low expectations for corporate customer service staffs to begin with. If I have a problem with a company's customer service, you can be pretty much assured that it's bad.

Albuquerque, NM



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