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False advertisement!!!


I came about on snaga job.com a few months ago because I was looking for some where to start my working career. I saw the add that said ideal website for teens. After filling out the information, every job I applied to was not a match and it couldnt send my resume. And after a little while I have gotten fustrated and and tried a different website with the same job listings for the same area as snaga job.com. And it let me fill out the application and send my resume for the same position and the same location as snaga job. I was very disappointed and unpleased. I dont not plan on ever using that website again. not only because of not getting in most job sites. But because of the false advertisement. How can you expect someone to be satisfied if your not telling the truth. I do not recommend snaga job to anyone,not even my enemies. Although my older friends have used it was pleased. I still in my opinon thinks its ridiculous.

Winfall, NC



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