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Slim in 6

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I wouldn't buy it again


I have been using Slim in 6 for about 12 weeks now and I have noticed that if you're going to use this video losing weight will be a very slow process def don't see the results like the before and after pic of the people Debbie used I have lost about 15 inches overall and 10 lbs in total but I am not seeing my arms and legs and abs get toned honestly they look the same as before I started!! It's funny you see the before pic of the women who did it in the test group and they have cellulite but in the after pic they do not have any I didn't see any changes with mine either. Not knocking it totally it is fun and it does help a bit but you will not see those dramatic results like her "TEST SUBJECTS"


North Conway New Hampshire




I am not an exerciser at all! I was a 40 year old mother of 3, 5'0" and 213 lbs. when my doctor told me I had diabetes, high cholesterol and needed to start on diabetes medication. I begged my doctor to give me 3 months of exercise and nutrition changes to see if I could possibly not have to go on medication. He was hesitant, but I was insistent. I wasn't ready to start a lifetime of pharmaceuticals at only 40 years old. I ordered Slim In 6 and started slowly (I did it 6 days a week, but couldn't keep pace with the video. I went at my own pace). I did Start It Up for 2 weeks instead of the recommended 1 week just so I could increase stamina and be able to keep pace. Moved on to Ramp It Up for weeks 3 and 4 (big adjustment there) and then fumbled and prayed through Burn It Up for weeks 5 and 6 (even bigger adjustment). At the end of 6 weeks I had lost weight (I'm not sure how much at that point), my clothes were looser and I could do 25 push ups! (I couldn't do 1 when I started) (and my husband said my butt looked perkier). So I kept doing the videos. On lazy days I'd do Ramp It Up and on higher energy days if do Burn It Up. At the end of the 3 months when I went back to my doctor, I had lost 35 lbs. and was no longer diabetic! I didn't need diabetes medication AT ALL! My cholesterol was still higher than he wanted and he gave me the choice of medicine or continuing to workout and make changes. I continued to do the videos and in 9 months I lost 85 lbs. and have completely healthy cholesterol levels. No gyms, no special supplements. Water, Slim In 6, Water, healthy food choices and Water...did I mention water?! We had a tragic family loss a few years ago and unfortunately I grieved through food and stopped working out. I gained back approx. 50 lbs., but I've started Slim In 6 again- 3 weeks ago and have already lost 7 lbs. I know I can do it again and I know you can too! It's not easy and at times it can be boring, but it's only an hour or so. How many boring movies have you sat through? Boring isn't the worst thing in the world. These videos are super effective and I highly recommend them!




Temporary use


Slim in 6 Diet and Exercise Program is more of a short term dietary plan than anything else in my opinion. The exercise workouts are pretty basic but, a bit more intense than many others I've tried. If you follow this program you will lose weight without a doubt. The trick though is that if you go back to old behaviors, you will gain it all back, quickly. The dietary plan that is included in this specific kit is pretty common sense stuff. It focuses mainly on healthier eating habits and lower fat and calorie intake. What this program lacks in my opinion is the very basic necessity of being able to transition the plan into real world situations. It doesn't prepare you for what to eat when you are out or even coping mechanisms. In the beginning it is some what difficult to muster up the energy to workout. This is not a program that provides supplements or other nutritional support except a basic plan to follow. The workouts are not to hard to stick to once you get started. It is the struggle of getting motivated to start that is a major hang up. You will likely need additional outside support to keep the weight off.




Very Difficult


I'll admit to being an infomercial junkie so when I saw this infomercial a few years ago I bought the program... and then returned it. I liked the idea of the program, and the instructor is very pleasant, but this is hard. Very hard. We're talking lots and lots of squats, crunches, and lunges. Lots. and Lots. And lots. It quickly became too overwhelming as I was just coming back to exercising at the time. This is simply just too intensive of a program for those starting to exercise or returning to an exercise program. Even with modifications it's just too difficult and that makes you feel depressed that you can't follow along and then you end up not doing the video at all. Which is what happened to me. I felt overwhelmed by it and ultimately returned it. If you are already a regular exerciser and want to mix things up this is great for you, but if you're starting a brand new exercise program you may want to try something a little less intensive.


Vernon Rockville, CT


A Nice Option


This exercise program is led by an energetic (but not annoyingly obnoxious!) instructor. The program builds, and you start out with a shorter workout and build up to a longer workout. It also includes a workout specific for abs, which I thought was nice. The exercises themselves are good, though nothing unique or really very exciting. There is quite a lot of repetition of a few of the moves (specifically with your arms going across your body wile you move from side to side, and with your arms above your head to the opposite side), repetitive, but you'll feel it in your abs and the sides of your torso. The production quality is great (but that's just something you'd expect coming from a Beachbody program!). The workout comes with an eating plan, which I did not follow so I cannot give my opinion about the actual plan, but it seemed to be laid out nicely with recipes and nice pictures. The online support is a nice bonus as well. Overall, I think this is a great program for the beginner-to-intermediate exerciser. I did get a bit bored doing it, and didn't stick with it for very long, as I moved onto a different program. It's a nice program to have in your collection if you like to change it up every once in a while (like I do). Oh, and all the DVDs are in one case, which makes losing the individual DVDs less likely.


Bloomsburg, PA


Slim in 6 kicked my Butt!


Wow, I hate exercise and I did not like doing this one at all. But guess what...? It worked! I lost aout 30lbs. and 3 inches in my waist. I was so happy. So, though I hated it (it was difficult to do the same thing over and over for four weeks straight), I would recommend it because the moves are not that hard and it does give you great results, just not the results they show on the infomercials because, come on, you know they didn't get those results in one round of the program. But overall, without using suppliments or dieting too much, the results were better than I had hoped for.


Southwest, MI


Has workouts for all fitness levels.


Slim in 6, does help you shed the pounds.  The only information the spokes people do not provide in the commercial is that you have to do 2 work outs a day to shed the pounds, plus follow the diet plan they provide and take the supplements that they recommend. I started the work outs in June, did only one work out a day, changed my diet, somewhat, still had the occasional pop, ice cream and chips, but did not go over board, and six weeks later I lost six pounds.  So I was safely losing 1 pound a week and still have kept it off.  I try to do my work outs in the morning before work, but if you are like me and have bad knees, the squats and pliays are best left to the afternoon when your knees are not so stiff.  I have lost several inches off my waist, my legs are thinner and so are my arms.  That is only with one work out a day. Imagine what I could lose with two work outs a day. The first DVD has four works on it: Start it up, Ramp It Up, Cardio and Toning.  The first week you do Start it up and the routines are easy to follow. The few weeks you do Ramp it up or until you have mastered the routines.  If I only did the work outs in the afternoon, i would have mastered that portion by now, but like I stated with bad knees, I have to pick and choose when I do my work outs and how intense they are.


Avoca, MI


Easy videos that get results if you stick to it and stretch!


So I woke up one morning really early for no reason at all and on the T.V. there was an infomercial for this exercise video. It looked like it was low impact and high energy so I decided to go ahead and try it. At first I only did the videos about four times a week and after the first week I started to notice a slight difference that boosted my confidence a lot. I had more energy and felt better everday that I worked out. Breaking a sweat and getting some good cardio made me feel so much more alive.The way the videos are set up is nice because after about a week or so your body is used to doing the exercises because its set up to push your limits but not too far.This video states that you will get slim in six weeks if you use it and Im sure its true to its word. After the first week I started to do the videos about 5 times a week and in a month I lost 10 1/2 inches off my body and almost 2 dress sizes. These results were obtained without even using the diet plant that comes with the videos and I didn't even make it to the third video so it is a pretty good workout. I just worked harder every time I did a videos and I used the 14 minue stretching video as a warm-up and cool-down before and after every workout. I'm really going to start focusing on re-starting the 6 weeks program so that I can finally see what my end results would be. All I know is that with just what Ive seen, I know its worth what I paid for it.


Plant City, FL


Perfectly Perfect!


Slim in 6 has changed my outlook on life completely. I've lost about 15 pounds already and I'm only on my fourth week of exercise (Two more weeks to go)! How amazing is that?!!! It's a great exercise program because the on-screen timer keeps you motivated for your workout (in addition to the trainer's encouraging words)! Included with Slim in 6, comes 2 DVDs for your workout and a healthy supplement eating guide. The program takes you along in stages of progression as time goes on. It develops from "Start It Up!" (about half an hour long) to "Ramp It Up!" (about 3/4 of an hour long) to "Burn It Up!" (about an hour long). BUT the best part is you can go at your OWN PACE! So when you're comfortable with the first video, you can move to the second one (and when you're comfortable with the second video, you can move to the third!). This exercise program has helped me dramatically change my appearance, I would definitely recommend it to anyone!


Orlando, FL


The best dvd work out there is


Slim down in 6 weeks is a great program, I've been very happy with my decision to try it. i borrowed this dvd, slim in 6 by debbie siebers, from my friend and let me tell you it is the most effective work out for the time. When I first started, I could only do 6 minutes.I did not expect that a home work out dvd could be so hard, and I was decently in shape. I kept going at it though, and eventually worked my way up to doing the whole thing.  is hard.  It requires dedication and a strong commitment, but it's worth it.  It does what is says it will do.  If you follow the program, you will see definite resultsThere are no appetite suppressants involved in this program, so its pretty much the same as other structured diets. Its great to do in the winter time when you dont want to leave the house.  I like how it has a timer to tell you how long each move is. Her voice can be a bit monotone though, is the only downside.


Columbia, MO


Slim in 6

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