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Simply Basic Romantics
Simply Basic Romantics Sweet Pea Body Lotion

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Knock off of Bath and Body Works


The Simply Basic Romantics Sweet Pea Body Lotion is basically Walmart's attempt at making a cheap, knock-off version of Bath and Body Works products. It comes in an attractive bottle that is definitely more visually appealing to youth than the other lotion products at Walmart. I purchased it because I was curious. I wish that I could return it because it's like creamy water. I would not be surprised if they made the lotion, filled it up half way, and then poured in water. Scent Sweet Pea is not a bad scent at Bath and Body Works, but Simply Basic ruined the scent for me. The fragrances that they use are not the same as what Bath and Body Works uses. Absorption This lotion is far too watery to absorb. It just sits there on my hands and I end up having to wipe it all off. Effectiveness It is about as effective as sticking my hands under the faucet of my bathroom sink. This lotion definitely does not moisturize.




Absolutely Horrible, the worst lotion I have tried!


I received this Sweet Pea Body lotion as a gift from a relative, whom knew that I did not like this type of stuff.  But she got it for me anyways.  I figured as long as I was given it, I would give the product a chance.  What a mistake that was, the smell was horrible and it made me feel like I had a layer of slime on my skin.  After I tried it, I could not help myself, I had to take a long shower and get it all off my skin.  It was a terrible sensation.  Even hours after my shower, I still felt like there was a "residue" all over my skin.  to this day, I cannot walk by Bath & Body Works store without feeling light-headed from the smell.


Orlando, FL


Smells Nice - But I am Unimpressed


This lotion is not what you would call a "Rich" lotion. There are no benefits to you if you need to moisturize. In my opinion it was a waste of money. The scent is indeed very nice but it feels like water on your hands and the scent does wear off very quickly. Lotions are meant to smell nice of course but the purpose is to actually work, to relieve or prevent dry skin. Scented water would work just as well.


Hernando, MS


Simply Basic Romantics Sweet Pea Body Lotion

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