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silver palate
silver palate vodka pasta sauce

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not gourmet


"Not Gourmet"   I wasn't happy with this product, luckily it was on sale  and i had a coupon which my store doubles. It reminded me more of Campbell's tomato soup rather that a vodka sauce. It was thick, but not creamy. There were bits or onion or garlic? and maybe some bits of basil and oregano added but it wasn't distinctive. the color was darker than pinkish, but still not restaurtant quality. It is probably better and not much harder to add cream and vodka to your own sauce for better results than this product.   Again I was  disappointed with this silver palate product, it was not much better than tomato soup, to its credit there was not any high frutouse corn syrup added or much other artificial stuff added.

Lincoln Park, NJ


silver palate vodka pasta sauce

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